Psalm 64

A note – I read this and thought of Twitter, so I let myself write it in that style.

God, did you read my tweet?
How others try to hurt with words.
Keep me from their harassment and lies.
They celebrate each other at how mean they can be.
They make false arguments and ask loaded questions.
Then they rejoice at putting others down.
They wait to cause the most pain;
Then they spring and hurt without warning or care.
They don’t get banned.
Their words hurt and destroy;
They congratulate each other for their lies.
But, you, my God! You see them!
When your word comes, you strike their vanity.
You shatter their arguments.
You crush their hateful words.
Your love overcomes, and they flee from your truth.
People see them flee and shake their heads.
Then the people honor you.
They tweet your good works.
They hashtag that they are #blessed.
All goodness comes from you.
Your love conquers all evils.
Let those who value truth rejoice in our God.
Let us be sheltered in the strength of his goodness.
Let everyone who values what is right praise his holy name!

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