Service for 10/3/2021

Parables of Jesus: Think Carefully

GreenupCottonwood, & Lerna United Methodist Churches

Rev. Cameron D St.Michael – October 3, 2021

19th Sunday After Pentecost

Reading:  Luke 16:1-13 .

Reflection: Psalm 99.

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Next week we will look at Luke 15:11-24 and explores a son who lost his way by wandering.

Think Carefully

Parables of Jesus
Think Carefully

We continue our series called “Parables of Jesus” and each week delivers a new parable to explore. Our next message looks at a difficult parable of a dishonest manager. “Think Carefully” looks at preparing for the future, wealth, and God. What is the story God has placed in your heart?

Our scripture reading comes from Luke 16:1-13 .

Next week we look at Luke 15:11-24. The sermon is the first of a two part sermon and explores a son lost by wandering away.