Starting a Study!

Well, I’ve already started it. I’m doing a topical study at the Greenup United Methodist Church. Currently, we are exploring various topics to explore the original texts of the Bible and try to understand what the Bible says. We currently meet every Tuesday at 10 am and would be happy to have you join us! I’ll be updating when we get close to starting our next study as well. We will be looking at John 3:16, the Ten Commandments, Noah and the Flood over the coming weeks. The time table below will change if it turns out we need more time. This is just a current estimate. We may also add more lessons as we continue, so stay tuned for updates!

7/25/17 – God So Loved
8/1/17 – The Ten commandments
8/8/17 – Noah’s Ark & The Flood
8/15/17 – What’s in a Name?
8/22/17 – The Name of God
8/29/17 – Prophecy and Fulfillment
9/5/17 – Common Phrases
9/12/17 – Prosperity and Money


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