Sermon Series

Here is a list of sermon series. Each new series will be added to the top of the list, and older series will follow.

Women in Jesus’ Genealogy – Here we look at the first 5 women mentioned in the Gospel According to Matthew. Each of them shows courage and commitment in their own story. We hear stories about outsiders, foreigners, prostitutes – people that we might not expect as heroes. But each tells us something about God and something about our own faith journey.

Those in Need – A series that looks at groups that are often listed as needing special protection in society. Throughout the Bible we hear a call to ensure that justice is carried out for all people, but we are especially called to help the most vulnerable. This series explores our call to do all we can for others. With love as our guide, we help those in need.

Fathers of Faith – This series looks at Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. These three figures of Genesis are central to the promises of God and of the message of the Bible. Their stories are long and full of lessons to be learned. We take a brief look at each of them in this three-week series. The promise born of their faith is carried with us today. Let us rejoice in our shared faith!

Discover Hope – In this Easter series, we remember the hope of the resurrection. We look at the ways the we discover hope in our lives. Each week we will look at different ways that hope is shown to us and contrast two different visions for each message. Hope is revealed when we seek Christ in all that we are.

Mystery of Faith – This 3 part series looks at the death, resurrection, and second coming of Christ.  It is based on the United Methodist Communion liturgy. We will explore what these acts in Christ mean to us today.

These 40 Days – This Lenten series looks at how we live our lives. Each week we will focus on a different way we live and are strengthened in Christ. It is a time of preparation and revelation for us all.

Being Transformed – In this series, we look at how we are transformed in Christ. How does God help us change ourselves? And can we really seek to transform the world in the name of Christ?

Facing Doubts – A series in which we look at the ways we doubt ourselves. Fear is a difficult thing to overcome. We look at how God’s love guides us and lets us put our doubts to rest in Christ.

Christmas Spirit – This series explores how we keep Christmas with us throughout the year. We explore growth, praise, and acceptance as we learn to carry the spirit of Christmas with us always.

Advent Children – This series explores how we celebrate and prepare for the coming of Christ. We prepare for Christ coming in his human birth, his coming into our lives today, and his coming in final victory. We experience the advent of Christ as a child of God.

3 Simple Rules – This series is based on John Wesley’s teachings. If we are to truly follow the call to follow Christ and seek salvation, how do we show it? We do no harm, do good, and stay in love with God.

The Word in Song III – The third installment in this recurring series. Here, we find inspiration in music. However, the music isn’t our usual music we find in a hymnal. This comes from different kinds of music from different time periods.

Lens of Christ – Here we look at the ways that the Old Testament is interpreted through Christ. How did the laws and rules change? We look at Old and New Testament scriptures in our exploration.

Discipleship in 3G – A series on what we do as disciples and how we make disciples. We donate our time and energy, as well as our gifts to the cause. We spread the Word and we love.

7 Deadly Sins – This series looks at a list of sins that has permeated across pop-culture. But what are the sins, really? Every week we will cover a different one of the 7 sins, exploring what each means to us today.

The Word in Song II – This is the second installment of a recurring series. Here, we find inspiration in music. However, the music isn’t our usual music we find in a hymnal. This comes from different kinds of music from different time periods.

Led by the Spirit – We explore what it means to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. What does the Spirit mean to us? How do we share our experiences with the Holy Spirit? Who is the spirit for? We look at how to live a life led by the Spirit.

Risen in Christ – We explore our call to follow Christ and to live in him. In it we ask how we should show we serve a risen savior and how  we make the story of the resurrection story our personal story. We learn to live as those who are risen in Christ.

Act with Christ – We explore how we act with Christ in our lives. As we prepare ourselves for the miracle of Easter, we will take a look at how we live our lives as those who are saved in Christ.

Prepare to Change – We explore ways we can work to change ourselves to change the world. Lent is a time we often use to prepare ourselves to dive deeper into God’s mission, so we will explore how to change our lives in our mission to glorify God. Prepare the way of the Lord, and prepare to change.

Gifts of the Season – A reflection on some of the gifts made available to us through God. As we begin a new year, let us reflect on all that the Lord has done, and let us pray for continued guidance.

Advent Journey – This series will take us through how we experience Advent. See, Feel, Hear, and Know. As we prepare ourselves to celebrate the coming of the Christ child into the world, we celebrate with all our senses.

Seeking God – We explore our promises to God and what God has promised to us. We examine our relationship with Christ, and all that it means to serve God. We grow our faith when are seeking God.

Turning to God – An exploration of how we turn to God, and how we lose our way. Be it pride, impatience, or what we give, we don’t always turn the right way. Let us all turn to God!

An Overflowing Heart – We explore the love that we give and the love we receive. Who we love and how we love are important aspects of our life in Christ. Loving isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it. Let your heart overflow with love!

Finding Your Faith – We will look at how faith can shape our lives. We explore what we have faith in, as well as how much faith we have. Faith can be strong and it can be weak. But faith in Christ will always carry us through.

Let Yourself Be – We take four weeks to explore letting ourselves be what God needs us to be. We explore humility, grace, kindness, and hope. Will you let yourself be all these things?

Together – Life is meant to be lived with each other. We live together and grow together. Not just with each other, but with God. And in each way that we are together, we find our love grows deeper when we appreciate God and our brothers and sisters.

Life (Not) Resurrected – “Life (Not) Resurrected” follows how we live our lives serving a risen savior and what that means. Each (Not) represents a negative we lose as we gain our life. We move from exploring our baptismal calling from our last series, and now look at how our lives change as we die with Christ and are resurrected in Christ.

The Word in Song I – “The Word in Song”  is the first installment of a recurring series. Here, we find inspiration in music. However, the music isn’t our usual music we find in a hymnal. This comes from different kinds of music from different time periods.