Act with Christ

Act with Christ is our Lenten series. In it we explore how we act with Christ in our lives. As we prepare ourselves for the miracle of Easter, we will take a look at how we live our lives as those who are saved in Christ.

February 18th – Get to the Wilderness
Mark 1:9-15
Christ prepared in the wilderness, but what was he preparing to do?

February 25th – Take Up Your Cross
Mark 8:31-38
A strong rebuke and a lesson about what we are expected to do.

March 3rd – Clear the Temple
John 2:13-22
Just why does Jesus clear the temple? Should we still be on guard?

March 11th – Look and Live
John 3:14-21; Numbers 21:4-9
What does a serpent on a pole have to do with Jesus?

March 18th – Give Glory
John 12:20-33, Hebrews 5:5-10
We are called to give glory to God and to humbly serve.

March 25th – Celebrate and Grieve
Mark 11:1-11; Mark 15:1-39
The triumph of entering Jerusalem and the agony of the Crucifixion.