The Psalm Project

So I wanted to start up a new project that would allow me to get back into writing. What I came up with was the idea to rewrite the Book of Psalms in what I am calling The Psalm Project. Now, I’m not doing this to say that I am making new scripture. No, I’m actually doing this as a learning experience and exercise in writing. I’ve found that we can sometimes learn more about something when we try to capture the feeling it has. In this way, I will be paraphrasing the psalms in order to capture both the feeling behind what I’m reading and my own personal understanding. No, this isn’t a translation project. It also isn’t to say that my way of reading them is the only way. No, honestly I could probably do this project many times over and come out with different versions each time.

My main point is to both grow in my understanding and love of the poetry found in the psalms, while also making them more accessible. I want people to know it is OK to paraphrase scripture. It is OK to capture what it is it causes you to feel. What insight it gives you on yourself and God. What it teaches you about others and the world around you. So I will be periodically posting new psalms here. I will post them all so that you can find them here. I’m looking forward to your comments!